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SGA Secondary Characters Ficathon [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Stargate Atlantis Secondary Characters Ficathon

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Assignments Are Out! [Aug. 27th, 2006|01:55 am]
Stargate Atlantis Secondary Characters Ficathon

[mood |accomplished]

Everyone should now have an assignment in their inbox. If you don't, please respond to this post and let me know - There was a bit of technical difficulty with my mail server, so it's possible a few assignments were eaten in the confusion.

A bit of clarification - I come from old-school fandom. I mistakenly made the assumption that everyone views "A/B" as "A in a romantic (or at least sexual) relationship with B". Several of you have contacted me requesting confirmation out of a concern that there's a trend among those new to SGA to post "A/B Friendship" requests, thus negating the romantic implication.

If you posted a request that was A/B and you wanted only friendship, please contact me and clarify. I will pass the clarification on to your author. If you don't contact me by 1200 PST August 28, 2006, your request will stand as is. Thanks for your understanding and your help.

~ The Organizer
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*Rings Closing Bell* And they're off!! [Aug. 21st, 2006|09:18 am]
Stargate Atlantis Secondary Characters Ficathon

[mood |excitedexcited]

Registration is officially closed for the First Annual Stargate Atlantis Secondary Characters Ficathon.

For those who asked: We have an impressive 20 entrants. Yay! for the little guy (and girl).

Your assignments will be going out via EMail on the 27th(1). They will be coming from secondary@sg-research.net, so please adjust your spam filters accordingly. If you haven't received an assignment by 0001 EST August 29, please EMail the above address to let me know that you slipped through the cracks. Details regarding completed assignment submission will be included with the assignments.

Warnings: I will be providing 1-Week-to-Drop-Deadline, Drop Deadline(2), 2-Weeks-to-Final, and 1-Week-to-Final (AKA - Get it to your beta, people!) warnings via both this community and EMail.

Pinch Hitters: If you signed up to pinch hit (And there were a number who did, bless them), you will receive your secondary assignment (No pun intended. Honest) no later than 0001 EST October 3. If you haven't been tapped by then, you won't be.

1. For whom it may concern: We didn't actually have a request from anyone for a Kavanagh Wing!fic/Fairy!Fic. That was an idle threat. Honest.

2. If you have an honest emergency - We're going by the academic standards here (Family emergency, severe property damage, etc), flexibility in drop-deadline does exist. Should such extenuating circumstances exist, EMail me and explain in at least a moderate level of detail, and we'll see what we can do. The drop deadline is there as a courtesy to those willing to pick up a second assignment, however, so please honor it if at all possible

Feel free to comment if you have questions.
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Seeking the Input of Those Involved [Aug. 8th, 2006|09:01 am]
Stargate Atlantis Secondary Characters Ficathon

[mood |curiousInquisitive]

Poll #788297 Revelation : 8-20-06

Do you want to know who your fellow participants are before November?

Yes - A little knowledge never hurt anyone
No - I'd rather be surprised
Kinda - I want to know how many, but not who
Yes! And I don't want to wait until August 20! Give me a running list!
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Welcome to the Party! [Aug. 7th, 2006|12:51 am]
Stargate Atlantis Secondary Characters Ficathon


Ground RulesCollapse )

Signing UpCollapse )

Think you can handle it? We hope so!
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