Secondary Pairings

Completion - Achieved!!

Well, we are completely, 100% done for this year.

All fics are up, and all authors are now credited.

Authors - feel free to re-post your fics elsewhere if that's your preference. I will, eventually, be putting them up in non-Livejournal format (because things like the "Great Implosion of '06" do happen). When that happens, I'll be tossing up a notice on the community as well as through email.

Thanks to everyone who's participated, and I hope to see you back next year!!

Click Here for a list of un-used prompts.

For those who suffered technical difficulties and the like - Feel free to toss up ficathon related stories independently, but the archive is closed until next year.
Secondary Pairings

Congratulations, and Many Thanks

We've still got a few late arrivals rolling in, but I said I'd have this up today so that's what's happening. With luck, the last few will be in my inbox and added into the archive by tomorrow morning, but that will depend on the authors.

A massive thanks to everyone for participating this year; you've been wonderfully easy to work with, and that makes my job go a lot more smoothly.

As far as presentation goes, while I had hoped to have a subdoman organized for this there have turned out to be more of you than I remembered, so I scrambled and arranged things on LJ instead. There are 3 Sub-Journals where the fiction itself is located: secondary_gen, secondary_het, and secondary_slash

Each contains, amazingly enough, the corresponding fiction. Each entry is tagged with the names of the 'primary' secondary characters in the fic and the rating. Author names will be posted next Sunday, until then I encourage you to use the "Track" buttons so that you know when someone has left you feedback. All links are "mode=reply", so anonymity is retained until they hit the comments.

There is also an Alphabetically Sorted Character List, which includes the fics and brief descriptions of the secondary characters including their first appearances in SGA.

If you're one of the people who is the recipient of a late author, I will send you an email when your specific fic goes up so that you don't need to check back every six hours.

Now that all of that's out of the way, enjoy the fic!
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Final Warning!!

This only applies to some of you, but never underestimate the power of good spam.

All submissions are due in by 2359 PST, tomorrow night - October 28, 2006.

If I don't hear from you, I will start the obnoxious EMails as of 0500 PST on the 29th, but I'd really rather not have to. An "I'll have it to you by noon tomorrow, my beta has the flu" is far better than guilty silence. We've got a touch of flex time built in to the posting schedule, but I'd really appreciate it if you could get your entries in on time.

If you've misplaced your submission guidelines, drop me an EMail and I'll send them to you again.


ETA: So apparently I can't type.

All Submissions are due by 2359 PST October /29/, 2006.
Sorry for any confusion.
Operation - This Will End Badly

1 Week To Go!

This is your 1-Week (AKA Get-It-To-Your-Betae, People!!) Reminder.

All submissions are due by 2359 PST October 29, 2006.

Please, Please, *Please* try to get them in on-time. All submissions will be posted on Halloween Evening, and it'd be nice to actually be able to sleep the weekend before.

There will be a final "24-hours-Left" reminder going out on the 28th. If I've received your submission, you won't receive that mailing.

Thanks, in advance, for your cooperation and participation.

~ Miriel
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*Fails at Mod-Ship*

This is your Drop-Deadline Reminder.

Because I managed to confuse my dates, everyone gets a 24-hour reprieve.

If you need to withdraw from the ficathon, please leave a comment (They're screened, so there's no shame) or contact the admin directly before 2359 PST on Sunday, October 1, 2006.

What this means for the Pinch-Hitters is that you'll be getting your notifications a day late, for which I apologize. Expect to have, in your in-box, a notice of your status before 2359 PST on Oct. 2. You'll be hearing from me regardless of whether you've been activated or not, so if you've heard nothing please let me know.

Again, thanks to everyone who's taking part!
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Secondary Pairings

1-Week Reminder

This is your reminder that your last opportunity to withdraw from the Ficathon is next Saturday.

If I haven't received a drop-request by 2359 PST on Saturday September 30, 2006, I will be expecting a submission from you no later than October 29, 2006.

If extenuating circumstances arise, please contact the Ficathon Administrator.