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Stargate Atlantis Secondary Characters Ficathon

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Completion - Achieved!! [Nov. 5th, 2006|09:44 pm]
Stargate Atlantis Secondary Characters Ficathon



Well, we are completely, 100% done for this year.

All fics are up, and all authors are now credited.

Authors - feel free to re-post your fics elsewhere if that's your preference. I will, eventually, be putting them up in non-Livejournal format (because things like the "Great Implosion of '06" do happen). When that happens, I'll be tossing up a notice on the community as well as through email.

Thanks to everyone who's participated, and I hope to see you back next year!!

Click Here for a list of un-used prompts.

For those who suffered technical difficulties and the like - Feel free to toss up ficathon related stories independently, but the archive is closed until next year.

[User Picture]From: larianelensar
2006-11-06 02:59 am (UTC)
And thanks to you for putting it all together! I got to get my feet wet in the fga fandom and actually finished my first sga fic, thanks to the deadline!
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[User Picture]From: mardahin
2006-11-06 03:09 am (UTC)
Hey, you're very welcome. I'm glad you took part, and I hope you enjoyed what was written for you. We're looking forward to seeing more out of you, now that your feet are wet ^_^
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[User Picture]From: koushi_san
2006-11-06 01:58 pm (UTC)
I really enjoyed this and the deadline scared me into finishing a fic, as you know from how fast I wrote it. ^_^
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[User Picture]From: mardahin
2006-11-06 09:28 pm (UTC)
Thanks for saying so! I'm glad to have helped with the whole "getting the early fics done so that the later fics come easier" thing.

Getting in well under deadline is something to be /proud/ of. Thanks for taking part, and hope to see you next year (Though I'm sure I'm see you online before then). The best part of ficathons is the random friends you make ^_^
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